Submissions: Autumn 2015

Monsters and the Monstrous is a biannual peer-reviewed global journal that serves to explore the broad concept of ‘The Monster’ and ‘The Monstrous’ from a multifaceted interdisciplinary perspective. The journal publishes works that seek to investigate and assess the enduring influence and imagery of monsters and the monstrous on human culture throughout history. In particular, the journal has a dual focus with the intention of examining specific ‘monsters’ as well as evaluating the role, function and consequences of persons, actions or events identified as ‘monstrous’.

Call for Submissions:

Volume 5, Number 2 (Autumn 2015), Open Call

This general issue of the Monsters and the Monstrous Journal proposes to discuss all types of monsters and all things monstrous.

Why have monsters persisted through time and across cultures? What do they reveal about human nature? Our sub/conscious? Our in/humanity?

Submissions are encouraged to examine specific ‘monsters’ as well as assess the role, function and consequences of persons, actions or events identified as ‘monstrous’. The history and contemporary cultural influences of monsters and monstrous metaphors are also welcome.

Possible Topics:
-The “monster” through history (e.g. political, social, mythohistorical, etc.)
-Civilization, monsters and the monstrous (e.g. monstrous geographies, spectral spaces, etc.)
-Children, childhood, stories and monsters (e.g. fairy tales, fables, boogeyman, tooth fairy, etc.)
-Comedy: funny monsters and/or making fun of monsters (e.g. Monsters Inc, the Addams Family, Despicable Me, etc.)
-Making monsters; monstrous births (eg. American Horror Story “Freak Show”, Norman Bates, etc.)
-Mutants and mutations (e.g. Medusa, X-Men, shapeshifters, werewolves , ‘monstrous’ body transformations, etc.)
-Technologies of the monstrous (e.g. genetically modified, “Helix” and “The Strain” television series, etc.)
-Horror, fear and scare (e.g. aliens, the “unknown”, nightmares, psychological warfare, etc.)
-Do monsters kill because they are monstrous or are they monstrous because they kill?
-How critical to the definition of “monster” is death or the threat of death?
-Human ‘monsters’ and ‘monstrous’ acts? (e.g, perverts, paedophiles, stalkers [cyber and otherwise], serial killers, villains, villainy, etc.)
-Revolution and monsters (e.g. war, dictatorships, racial cleansing, apartheid, etc.)
-Enemies (political/social/military) and monsters
-Iconography of the monstrous: mythical, historical, the supernatural, contemporary revisions
-The popularity of the “classic” modern monsters; the Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, Vampires, Werewolves
-The monster in literature
-The monster in media (television, cinema, radio)
-Religious depictions of the monstrous
-Metaphors and the monstrous

We are also looking for film and book reviews on any theme related to the idea of Monsters and the Monstrous. All materials reviewed should have been published or released within two years of the journal issue they are submitted to. Any queries, please contact the editor at the email below.

Submissions for this Issue are required by Tuesday 15th September 2015 at the latest. Contributions to the journal should be original and not under consideration for other publications at the same time as they are under consideration for this publication. Submissions are to be made electronically wherever possible using either Microsoft® Word or .rtf format. All images, artworks and photographs need to have the appropriate copyright permissions before being sent in.

We also invite submission to our special features on Non-English Language Book Reviews. Please mark entries for these topics with their respective headings.

All accepted articles, artworks and prose pieces will receive a free electronic version of the journal.

Length Requirements:
~ poetry, prose, short stories can be any length but not exceed 7,000 words.
~ articles should be between 4,000 – 7,000 words long
~ reflections, reports and responses should be 1,500 – 3,000 words long
~ book and film reviews should be between 500 and 1,500 words long

Submission Information:
All submissions should include a short biography (100-150 words) that will be included with the to be included submission if accepted. Please send submissions via e-mail using the following Subject Line:

‘Journal: Contribution Type (article/review/…): Author Surname’

Submissions E-Mail Address: ten.yranilpicsid-retninull@lanruojsretsnom
Submissions will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.

Style Sheets
All submissions should be formatted in accordance with the journal style sheets. A word template for this may be found here: Download Journal Template File (Word Document).

If accepted for publication, you will be provided with one opportunity to see a proof inspection copy of your submission. Only typographical or factual errors may be changed during proof checking stage. Revisions or addition to the text will not be possible.

All contributors will receive one complimentary PDF copy of the edition in which their submission appears. Camera-ready .pdf of prints will also be made available.


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